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In many LCMS churches, including Messiah, there are three readings from the Bible each Sunday, an Old Testament, New Testament Epistle, and a Gospel reading using a Three-Year Lectionary Series. These lectionary readings are designed to take us through the Bible in three years. The sermon message is usually based on one of these readings or a combination thereof. The three-year lectionary's chief benefit is that it provides a more comprehensive reading of Scripture. This keeps our focus on the Word of God.

At this time, our services are not being live-streamed. We hope you can join us Sunday.

Below are the bulletins and sermons from our most recent worship services. 


God's Verdict


Jesus, The Preacher-Teacher


I Can't Wait to Tell


Humble Servants 


Timing is Everything


Conquering the New Year


God Among Us


A Vision of Great Joy for All


Our Lord's Authority over Death


Christmas Control 

God has taken you to court and set you free. His verdict is final - not guilty in Jesus's name! 

We need to be sensitive to introduce spiritual and emotional healing into situations and relationships as needed. Jesus came into the world to save sinners like you and me.

He recognized Jesus to be the one whom the Father sent to solve his personal problems with sin, and not only his but also the sin problem of the whole inhabited world. 

Since we are Saints and Sinners at the same time, we will never outgrow our need to know that we are forgiven.

At times events occur in our lives that cause us to realize God is at work among us, and sometimes God is doing double duty! God may permit trials and tribulations to enter our lives, but He also strengthens our relationship with Him through trust in Jesus. 

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