Director of Christian Education

After first interning at Messiah Lutheran for 1 year, Harmony became our Director of Christian Education in 2015. She manages everything that has to do with both the Children’s and the Youth Ministries, from Sunday School to outreach and mission opportunities near and far! Harmony received a Bachelor’s in Religious Education with a specialization in Youth Ministry from Concordia University Texas and has been certified as a Director of Christian Education. It is her compassion though, that has made her a beloved ally for many of the children and youth at Messiah.

Harmony married her husband, Dustin in 2018. Together they love to play Disc Golf (even though she is not the most skilled golfer) and traveling around Texas. She has a goal of traveling to all 50 states and has the fridge magnets to prove that she has already been to 23! Around Messiah, she is known for taking awesome group selfies, and her love of Hallmark movies and all things Christmas.