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10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

No Registration is Necessary!

Games, crafts, train rides, a petting zoo,

and of course, an Easter Egg Hunt!

Don't forget to bring your own basket!

Welcome to Easter Jubilee

Thank you for providing your information and don't forget your raffle ticket!

Select an option

Listen for Mario to call out the winning raffle ticket numbers

Consent to Filming and Photography. When you enter upon Messiah Lutheran Church property, you enter an area where photography, audio, and/or video recording may occur. By participating in any of our events, you consent to photography, audio and/or video recording, and the release, publication, distribution, display, or reproduction of same for any and all purposes, including promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on the Messiah Lutheran Church website, social media, or any other purpose. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact

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