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Administrative Assistant

Maurine is our Administrative Assistant, assisting our Pastor and fellow staff members in any way possible. She helps set up appointments, keeps the line of communication open, and organizes and maintains our church records.

Maurine has been a resident of Boerne since her birth in September of 1953. Back then, the hospital she was born in was located on Main Street, which her family lived directly across from. She is a 1972 graduate of Boerne High School and married her high school sweetheart, Kim Maloy, the following year. Together they have 3 children – Becky, Sarah, and Jim, and 4 grandchildren – Ethan, Kate, Elwood, and Finn. Her family has been members of Messiah Lutheran Church from the very beginning.  Messiah was Charter with the LCMS on September 15, 1991 – 31 years ago.  You will find the signatures of Kim, Maurine, Becky, Sarah, and Jim on that Charter.

Maurine has always enjoyed camping and swimming.  She also enjoys doing crossword puzzles online and is currently learning how to scan old photos and create family albums.

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