Sometimes, if you can’t figure out which direction God is telling you to GO, it’s because He is telling you to STAY!

So you are searching God’s Word, you are looking in the right place, and you are doing all you can to leave your agenda out of the equation and consider only God’s plan, but you are seeing no direction, no open doors, feeling no push or pull. Is God ignoring you? Nope. But it could be that you are so eager to do the big new thing that God has for you, that you have overlooked the thing He has already put you right in the middle of. The GPS on my phone will give me signs and notices and directions for the duration of a journey, but at some point, the lady says “you have reached your destination”. No more directions, no more signs, because I am where I am supposed to be. When you feel like God has been remiss in directing your life, look around for a minute at where He has placed you. What is God already doing where you are? Be a part of that until the next journey begins.