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We value your prayer requests and respect the confidential nature of many of them. For life or death emergencies, please get in touch with Pastor Vanderbush at 501.442.1772. You can privately share your prayer requests with Pastor Vanderbush or your Elder.  Another option is to submit a prayer request online. When your prayer requests are submitted online, notifications are sent to the general mailbox for Messiah, Maurine Maloy, Pastor Vandersbush, Head Elder Maurice Doublet, III, and Messiah Boerne's Prayer Gmail account monitored by Dennis Parker. These four individuals respect your privacy and the option you selected for your prayer request.

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Join Dennis Parker and others for a morning of spiritual nourishment!


When: Tuesdays from 8:30am to 9:30am

Where: Currently Centinela Mexican Restaurant at 215 W. Bandera Road, Suite 106, Boerne

Start your Tuesday off with a short Bible study and prayer time.

Whether you're

seeking community, encouragement, or simply a moment of reflection, you are 

invited to join us.

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Messiah Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast

National Day of Prayer 2022

The National Day of Prayer was held at Messiah for the first time. Boerne Mayor Tim Harndren gave the Proclamation to start the evening on May 5 and presented it to the event coordinators Mark and Kathy Giardinelli. Bryan English, the director of the Church Ambassador Network, lead our prayer segment on government;  Helen
Wenzel, with Angels All Around You Ministry gave the prayer for our military; Kathlin Jauregui, director of Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center, gave a prayer for our families; Tim Ristow gave a prayer for media in America; Mike Lang, the retired owner of KCAC, presented our prayer segment on business and the workplace; Bryan Degner, retired coach, and American History teacher led the prayer segment on education; and Pastor Alex Lahue of Messiah gave the devotional and then prayed for churches across our country. Mandi Turner, Becky Behrens, Elijah Hawkins, and Benton Leachman led us in praise and worship music. Artie Dolt read our scripture readings, and Brad Sanders was our Master of Ceremonies. Many others helped behind the scenes, including Carol Mycock and Marilyn Mazurek.

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