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Messiah Messenger

June 2024

Christian Unity in Trying Times

May 2024

God’s Stewards Live with an Awareness of the Present and the Future, of Time and Eternity

Apr 2024

Christ's Abiding Presence

Mar 2024

You Meant It for Evil - but God Meant It for Good

Feb 2024

Lent - What's Love Got to Do With It?

Jan 2024

It's About Mission!

Dec 2023

Peace Came to Earth!

Nov 2023

Take a Stand!

Oct 2023

Finally! Hallelujah!

Sept 2023

You Are Invited

July 2023

An Attractive, Missional Congregation

June 2023

Dispensable - Yet Important

May 2023

Faith Tested? ...Shaken?

April 2023

Like Clockwork

Mar 2023

A Season of Preparation

Feb 2023

Mission Work Begins at Home

Jan 2023

Beginning in the Beginning

Dec 2022

A New Year ... Already?

Nov 2022

Go Around Again!

Oct 2022

Manage Your Blessings

Sept 2022

Starting New Again

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